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Since July 2010, TADSAW has accredited 1300+ Service Dog Teams throughout the United States, including Vietnam veterans, Korean War veterans, and TADSAF ('Train a Dog - Save a Family' Member program) Service Dog Teams.  The TADSAW program is very unique in that the veteran is trained to be a Dog Trainer/Handler under the supervision of the TADSAW Dog Trainer. The veteran learns all of the obedience skills necessary for the dog to behave appropriately in public or anywhere else. The veteran will learn how to train the dog to perform the necessary tasks associated with improving the Quality of Life of the person. During this process, the veteran is taught how to read the dog's body language and proactively respond to the alert, based on olfactory communication and recognition, being displayed in order to alleviate or lessen the effect of the PTSD episode, TBI pseudo-seizure, etc., rather than responding to the crisis situation after it has taken hold of the individual.

The TADSAW philosophy is Together you train to hone your skills and Bond as a Team. The veteran has a choice of training with their dog or we use rescue dogs from shelters and pair them with veterans.  When you support TADSAW you are saving two lives at once, the veteran and the shelter dog! 

Our Needs

Train A Dog Save A Warrior (TADSAW) accredits approximately 50+ Medical Alert Service Dog Teams each year. The Team is composed of a Veteran and the Service Dog.

The non-profit service of training a service dog team is 100% free for the veteran, including no application fee. The costs are covered by our generous donors each year and that's why we need your help to raise funds for these service dogs teams.  

The cost per Team is $2,500. Therefore TADSAW is seeking to raise $ 25,000 during this giving day, to assist in the funding of the 10 Veterans and their canine Battle Buddies.

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