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Homeward Trails Animal Rescue Incorporated
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HT has already saved 446 Beagles from a life in a lab. Help us save thousands more! They need us!


raised by 730 people

$70,000 goal

WE ARE HELPING SAVE 4,000 Beagles, one of the largest undertakings in the country!

**Today we were in the New York Times for our efforts: HT in NY Times

Some of you may have been following the story of Envigo, the Cumberland, Virginia Beagle breeding facility in Virginia who supplies Beagles for medical and other research. There have been many news stories local and national on this facility. HT has been working on this issue behind the scenes for MONTHS!

Over a year ago, this location came on our radar for issues regarding the number of dogs and their treatment. You can read the story here about what was discovered by PETA as well as the role HT played. Those of us who work on legislation in Virginia have been following and working on this issue for a long time now.

PETA Investigation of Envigo

Some of the MANY stories that featured our efforts to date:

HT Takes Envigo Beagles

People Magazine Covers HT Beagles

In early 2022, HT brokered the deal with Envigo to be the group to which 500 "surplus" Covid Beagles would be transferred and put up for adoption. This was the first step in ensuring dogs not eligible for sale could find loving homes, thanks to Virginia legislators with whom we closely worked to make this happen.

By May, Homeward Trails had moved almost 500 Beagles and secured them foster and adoptive homes through Homeward Trails and a trusted network of other partners. The dogs that we took in were quickly adopted! 

The Virginia legislature went on to pass a number of bills this session to enforce better treatment of the dogs at Envigo - all passing unanimously!! But then it was found that the company was in violation of animal welfare laws and more than 400 dogs were seized approximately 2 months ago. This led to further steps by the Dept of Justice. And thankfully, this location has decided to close up shop!

It was then a stressful few weeks while Homeward Trails and other groups worked to finalize an agreement for the remaining Beagles at this facility, ranging from 500 one day to 3,700 dogs another day. The good news is that it was ultimately decided that EVERY dog remaining (approx 4,000) will be transferred for adoption. VICTORY!

Homeward Trails is partnering with the Humane Society of the United States to make these transfers happen. This will be one of the largest efforts ever for dogs. We are thrilled to be an ongoing part of this historic victory for these dogs.

By next week, we will begin moving dogs off the premises and Homeward Trails once again will plan to take dogs into our program and to assist with getting them to partner groups.
We are looking for fosters and adopters for these dogs as well as donations to offset our costs of transporting and vetting them! This will be a huge undertaking and donations are needed!

We NEED DONATIONS. It will cost an average of $265 per dog to get them fully vetted and ready for adoption. They deserve to live lives as family members and we are desperate to make that happen as soon as possible.

We are ALSO looking for fosters who will foster the following:

-Pregnant mom

-Mom with nursing puppies

-Adult Beagle

Please email me at with Subject Line: I CAN FOSTER A BEAGLE (and then please indicate what type you can foster (options above). 

*please do not reply to this email or it will be too difficult to track responses.

Thank you!!

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