Event & Team Fundraising

Group fundraising for a common cause.

Team Fundraising on Mightycause is about bringing people together to make a bigger impact. Events are group fundraising on a grander scale, combining teams and individuals on one competitive mission.

Build a customizable website to showcase your campaign and highlight sponsors, with real-time metrics and leaderboards to track your fundraising success. Easy participant onboarding with member management and streamlined reporting tools will make managing your event easier than ever. Fundraising events on Mightycause are the ultimate peer-to-peer fundraising method.

Group fundraising
Join team

Team up, anywhere.

With tools to make fundraising easy and fun for your supporters, Teams and Events on Mightycause are the ultimate peer-to-peer fundraising method.

The simplest way to fundraise together.

  • Leaderboards that bolster friendly competition and community support
  • Tools to showcase hosts, sponsors and affiliates that make it all possible
  • Optional fundraiser templates members can use to build their page faster
  • Team management tools to keep your members on track
  • Branding real estate for team logos, businesses and organizations
  • Teams can join Events for big multi-level fundraising

Raise more with Event Fundraising

Organizations on certain Mightycause subscription plans have Event fundraising (along with tons of other powerful fundraising features) included for as little as $119/month. With the Mightycause Pricing Guarantee, your organization will not see more than an overall rate of 1.99% and 49¢ in donation processing fees. Learn more about pricing

  • Team completely filled out example
  • Team layout mobile
  • Simple Team setup sample

Go all out, or keep it simple. Have a clean and beautiful page either way.

Mightycause Team fundraising pages provide customizable designs for better results.

Control the look of your Team page and manage every action, with ample space dedicated to letting your branding, sponsors, and team members shine. Team Fundraising pages are completely customizable, and can be created in a matter of minutes.

Initial start team layout
Event layout

Amplify your efforts with Event Fundraising.

Events are the perfect tool for conquering the biggest group goals.

Teams and individual fundraisers can compete side-by-side, both represented in leaderboards, on one Event fundraising page.

Support your next run, walk, gala or peer-to-peer fundraising campaign with the most modern, user-friendly tools.

What is Team Fundraising?

Fundraising as a team

Fundraising as a team amplifies any mission. Bring people together in fun engaging ways that give them a chance to raise funds for causes they love. More supporters means more passion, more shares and more donations.

Send the grades of a school on an educational quest of friendly competition. Use Team fundraising as an easy and interactive way to fund sports teams and youth clubs. Have the departments of your organization go head to head to see who comes out on top, in the name of the causes they value. Host a charity golf tournament, or a 5K fun run in your community to get your supporters to actively give back.

Event Fundraising Handbook

Event Fundraising Handbook

Hosting your first event? Looking to grow your campaign? Get some help with tips and tricks from our free ebook, your go-to guide for team fundraising.

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